High Quality Cable TV with Outstanding Sales Services

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125+ Channels
On-Demand feature gives control over your viewing experience
Spectrum app takes you to places your big screen TV won’t go
Premium Channels like HBO & SHOWTIME



is Staple

Internet Speeds Beginning at 100 Mbps
Quarantine computer viruses at once with the FREE security system
Downloads happen at lightning speed
Stable speeds & uninterrupted network at all times



Speak Away
& Get Heard

Unlimited local & International Dialing
Extravagant & User-Friendly Phone Features
No More Calls Dropping with Flawless Audio
Bring Your Loved Ones Closer by Spending Less



Unlimited Picks – A List of Channels in Top Quality HD®

  • 125+ - 175+ - 200+ HD channels – Choose the package with the most channels to maximize the fun
  • The HD DVR records movies, shows, original series & sports nights and makes them eternal
  • From breaking news to tips for grownups to educational series for kids, we will surprise you
  • Subscribe for premium options such as Cinemax, Starz Network, Encore, SHOWTIME and HBO

Internet without Data Caps ®

  • Download movies quickly and experience stable speeds
  • Connecting more devices won’t hinder the speeds
  • Speeds begin at 100 Mbps and we don’t compromise on network reliability
  • No extra charges on subscriptions
  • No Data Caps or Extra Fees
  • Indulge in online gaming with true graphics and reach higher level
  • Free Antivirus and Security Suite.
  • Don’t wait, call us and switch to Spectrum.

Spectrum Voice is the Future ®

The landline is revolutionary with almost 28 features. Find below the list of benefits you get with voice.

  • No need to sign any contracts
  • No need to pay extra taxes
  • No need to pay additional charges
  • No more dropped calls
  • Police traces Spectrum calls in case of emergency
  • Free private listing
  • Spectrum Internet combines with the home phone to form a people-friendly package. Whether you are a small family or a big one, Spectrum Internet has the ability to cover the Internet needs of each family member.

Customer-Friendly Packages – TV + Internet

Spectrum cable packages give customers the affordability and diversity they need in terms of TV and other services. Spectrum airs the latest episodes of the hot-running shows, and with the help of the HD DVR, the users can record and watch at their time of convenience. The premium range of channels converts your day from ordinary to extraordinary.

With the famous media giants like HBO®, CINEMAX®, SHOWTIME® & STARZ®, the time never seems enough. You are eager to stay in front of the TV until the end of each episode or the blockbuster movie. We spread the message of communication and creativity from media houses to your TV screens in the best possible way.

Spectrum TV® Silver– TV + Phone

Spectrum TV® Silver carries 175+ TV channels, including HD channels and premium channels to double the engagement factor. HBO®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax® are crowd pullers.

For those interested in a complete home solution, Spectrum provides double & triple services in a single package. Double Play is the package that consists of two services while Triple Play provides three services in one instance. High-speed internet, HD TV and home phone are the three services and you can get them by placing a call.

Spectrum TV® Silver + Spectrum Voice®, a Double Play package gives you unlimited local calling, in addition to all the striking features of the Spectrum TV Silver package.