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125+ Channels
On-Demand feature gives control over your viewing experience
Spectrum app takes you to places your big screen TV won’t go
Premium Channels like HBO & SHOWTIME



is Staple

Internet Speeds Beginning at 100 Mbps
Quarantine computer viruses at once with the FREE security system
Downloads happen at lightning speed
Stable speeds & uninterrupted network at all times



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Unlimited local & International Dialing
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Spectrum TV®

  • Spectrum TV with FREE HD channels
  • From 125+ to 200+ channels in Select & Gold respectively.
  • Web of entertainment that expands from adults to kids
  • $20 more gives you Silver with 175+ channels including HBO and SHOWTIME
  • $40 more turns it into Gold package with 200+ channels including NFL Red Zone
  • Spectrum TV App works on devices like Roku, Xbox, and smart TV.
  • Add International Channels such as Spanish, Asian, Japanese or others

Spectrum TV for Spectacular Viewing

We offer a long list of channels which cater to every age group. News, drama, sports, music, media, and cartoons channels, you name it, and we have it. The perfect pair for the modern man is when they combine TV with Internet. It satisfies every requirement of a family. With unlimited bandwidth and mesmerizing speeds, you enter into another dimension where speed is the criteria of success. Connect as many devices as you want with the in-home WIFI device. What else you need when you can watch your favorite shows, movies, and sports events without disturbing your schedule. The free primetime on-demand option lets you surf the premium channels like NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. Double up your entertainment with HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax and say goodbye to boredom forever.