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125+ Channels
On-Demand feature gives control over your viewing experience
Spectrum app takes you to places your big screen TV won’t go
Premium Channels like HBO & SHOWTIME



is Staple

Internet Speeds Beginning at 100 Mbps
Quarantine computer viruses at once with the FREE security system
Downloads happen at lightning speed
Stable speeds & uninterrupted network at all times



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Unlimited local & International Dialing
Extravagant & User-Friendly Phone Features
No More Calls Dropping with Flawless Audio
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Spectrum Voice®

  • Unrestricted local and international dialing within the U.S, Mexico, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands
  • With Spectrum there are no added unexplained fees like other phone companies charge.
  • Free 411 calls
  • As many as 28 dialing features
  • 911 reach made easy
  • FREE switch to the new number
  • FREE domain name
  • Voice Online Manager for virtual management of the landline

Spectrum Voice - The Rebirth of Home Phone

Charter Communications has pioneered the rise of the home phone after an era dominated by smartphone in the digital age. Spectrum voice is a state-of-the-art digital phone that brings modern tech and usability to the conventional phone. In addition, it comes loaded with intelligent features to make your communication success. Make unlimited calls to Mexico, Puerto Rico and other countries and avoid the awful disconnections. Home is comfortable using features like caller ID on TV, call forwarding, call blocking, voice mail, and emergency assistance any day of the year.